Power your Social Media Video

with a Machine Learning and Data Science platform that helps you to maximize your video results and give you more time to think.

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Brand Safety and Suitability

Audit of running campaigns or past campaigns.

List Channel or Fan Page Creation: Black List, White List, an d Black Key Words.

Automatic Activation and Control of the White List, with a dynamic update.

Our unique process

Placements and Channels are process and analyse from Google: first we analyse monetizable channels, second we aggregate performance, and then we begin with our classification process.

Integrated, Simple and Automatic

Forget about complicated, sophisticated and different campaigns set ups.

Enjoy a faster and simple all included campaign wizard, with multiples tools to save you time and money.

Integrated platform and process

Centralization = Efficiency + Performance

Robust and Integrated Dashboard for FB, YT and IG.

Centralize and unify data and results.

Save time and be more efficient in any part of the process.

Automated real time data reports.

Integrated presentations.

A simple automatic process

Simple and Automatic = Efficiency + Performance

Forget about complicated and different set ups campaigns.

Use a Mistake-free campaign wizard.

Measurements, all your info and data are integrated and visible in a single dashboard, 100% UX.

Manage and Control everything from one place.

Take advance about automatic tools to help you to save time and manual error “free”.

Real Time Dashboard with Automatic Reports.

New Targeting capability

Targeting = Weather + Temperature

Simple and Multi-Platform set up of events and rules for weather targeting: temperature, rain, snow, fog, etc.

Created for clients and product with activation related to weather.

Integrated Dashboard and Reports.

Automatic Buying, it based on Machine Learning

Automatic Buying Optimization = Cost Saving + Performance Increase

In a RTB era the “buying efficiency” is not seating on size, or volume, but in the capability to analyse all the variables with Machine Learning, and automatize the actions 24/7:

– Our platform is built to maximize performance and keep cost low.

– A trusted solution that implements the best campaign set up and configuration base on data science analysis.